Polis is a site for public dialog through brief peer-reviewed articles. It integrates rural, urban, local, and global points of view, showing the many links between them. Its purpose is to support mutual understanding, ethical problem-solving, cultural vitality, and sharing resources across divides.

Quality, utility, and originality are the touchstones for Polis articles, which take shape through collaborative editing into shared resources of lasting value. The peer-review process is open and pragmatic, with experts providing input as needed. Anyone is welcome to send an article for review.

Polis launched in 2009 as a collective blog with 14 authors. Others joined the team and reader submissions grew over time. After five years in operation, Polis went on hiatus in order to develop into a similarly open platform for less frequent but more in-depth content. It is still a volunteer effort and free of advertising. Instead of measuring value based on clicks, Polis works to prepare carefully documented articles worth reading. This site is a prototype for the next phase of its existence.