Polis International is a simple draft of a site for articles related to the public realm. The idea is for authorship to be collaborative and continuous, providing free resources of lasting value. Although the content is in English for now, articles could be submitted in other languages as well. As a whole, Polis articles would reflect the many links between rural, urban, local, and global points of view — helping people connect around shared interests.

The original site launched in 2009 as a collective blog with 14 authors. Others joined the team and reader submissions grew over time. Five years later, it came to an end without loss of hope to return in other forms.

Polis remains dedicated to mutual understanding, cultural vitality, ethical problem-solving, and sharing resources across divides. It is still a volunteer effort free of advertising and focused on quality content. We do not yet have the capacity to add new articles, but everyone is welcome to participate in its realization.